Angular js Development

Castleitweb has experience in JavaScript/HTML5 systems including AngularJS. We have been effectively built up a few web applications and mobile applications utilizing AngularJS since most recent three years. AngularJS is open source and intense JavaScript structure that enable us to create intelligent and present day web application by utilizing HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript at client side. Castleitweb has a dedicated team of AngularJS developers to build the full site in JavaScript stack like Ember, Backbone, Node.JS Ajax, jQuery, and Twitter Bootstrap (Responsive outlines). We can likewise build the responsive front end of any current site in PHP, .Net, and WordPress. We can interface the front AngularJS with any backend.

Why We Use AngularJS Framework For Your Project

  • We can build mobile responsive solution using AngularJS
  • We can make your scalable application for your business
  • We can build Lightweight and easy to maintain applications
  • We can extend HTML vocabulary and create well-structured & rich applications in a modular fashion
  • Integrate with your existing web frameworks and backend database.

Benefits Of Using Angular.JS Framework For Your Project

  • Ability to reuse HTML Components
  • Client Side MVC and MVVM Architecture/Design
  • Best for Developing Interactive Single Page Websites
  • Simplified Testing
  • Easy Synchronization between Model and Dom
  • Quick Development and Easy to Maintain your Business Site

AngularJS has gained momentum and overall support from Enterprises, Startups and Government agencies to construct the next generation websites.